Arbor Research Group and Christianity Today

Respected Christian organizations and mission-driven businesses  trust Arbor Research Group

Leaders of mission-driven businesses, large churches, and non-profit organizations face uncertainty and unprecedented challenges. Our research experts provide data-driven insights. Contact us if your organization is ready to move forward and thrive.

Our clients include…

Benefits of collaborating with

the experts at Arbor

Best in Class Ph.D. Level Researchers

Tap into our team’s advanced analytical skills and passion for discovery.

Team Diversity

Gain perspective from a team with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences.

Leadership Experience

Rely on researchers with executive level experience.

Results Based Research

Receive actionable quantitative and qualitative results instead of marketing-oriented polling percentages.

We produce insights by

  • Truly listening to you and your team members
  • Becoming an extension of your team
  • Conducting national-level research around a topic
  • Evaluating programs, products, and brands
  • Developing data-driven revenue-generating resources
  • Exploring new opportunities and markets
  • Reviewing employee engagement
  • Researching and refining the shared work around a stated mission
  • Reviewing databases of customers or chapters
  • Supporting grant-funded projects with reporting, evaluating, exploring

Resources for DIY Research Solutions from Webinar

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Selected books from Arbor Research Group authors

The Self-Aware Leader by Terry Linhart of Arbor Research Group

The Self-Aware Leader

Terry Linhart

The church needs leaders who have the clear-eyed courage to pursue the hardest part of the ministry journey: seeing yourself.

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A Great Work by Jon Swanson of Arbor Research Group

A Great Work

Jon Swanson

A series of conversations with Nehemiah exploring prayer, opposition, distraction, injustice, and staying faithful to the end of life.

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Leading Change while Loving People by Yulee Lee of Arbor Research Group

Leading Change While Loving People

Yulee Lee

Flipping the script of conventional leadership books by focusing on non-profit social change leaders rather than business titans.

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