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Hello, my name is Dr. Terry Linhart, and ten years ago I formed Arbor Research Group so Christian organizations could receive the highest level of data-driven support they desired.

Arbor Research Group has worked alongside Christian organizations, big and small, on projects from simple surveys to multi-national program evaluations.

I have created a short video that better explains what we do and what makes us unique and valued. We would appreciate the opportunity to become your trusted partner whenever you need answers to questions, an evaluation of a program, or to explore something new.

Please ask any of our former clients how we have helped them and what it’s like to partner with us. You’ll soon learn why it was said of us that we “turn research into relationships.”

Get Your Free DIY Organizational Checklist Review

This FREE inventory provides a self-check for you and your organization. It features a comprehensive checklist of questions that provides a helpful “check-up” for you or your team to complete and look for potential successes and gaps.

Though some of the questions may seem tedious or basic, it’s our experience that the gap usually exists around one of these questions/areas.

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