About Us


Arbor Research Group is a team of experts who have 20+ years of trusted leadership experience and recognized research expertise. Due to its unique collective structure, Arbor’s clients receive the highest quality of customized research at a cost-effective level of investment. 


Who is Arbor Research Group?

Terry Linhart began doing national-level research in 1996 with Dave Rahn. Terry and Jen Bradbury began to do various projects for InterVarsity before Terry formed Arbor Research Group in 2015. As Arbor has grown from there, Terry has hand-picked his team from across the country for their expertise and experience. As new clients partner with Arbor, each team is assembled like a “Mission; Impossible” process so that clients receive the highest quality of customized service and experience. 

Who do we work with?

We work with a wide range of nonprofit organizations, faith-based ministries, and mission-driven businesses. From private schools to multi-national nonprofit organizations to catalytic companies, Arbor Research Group has become the trusted go-to partner for a full-suite of data-driven support services. 

Our Methods

Arbor Research Group is known for getting timely and cost-effective answers that leaders need to be successful. After an initial consultation, we present a scalable research project that meets a client’s goals and budget. Then, we get to work collecting data, analyzing the results, and providing a thorough report accompanied by a slide deck and a presentation. At every step, the communication is clear and the process has a collaborative element. Our goal is to become lifelong partners with our clients, serving them in an ongoing series of services.

What you can expect from Arbor Research Group

Support for Your Team

Arbor Research Group is known for our collaborative approach that keeps you in charge at every step without demanding your time. The quality of data and the positive way we do our work often results in ongoing partnerships over many years. 

Street Level Focus

You can’t make a decision simply based on data. Our team gets down to the deeper insights that we find at “street level” to reveal attitudes, behaviors, and other information you can’t get by simply looking at numbers.

Problems Solved

Our people don’t work in cubicles, but come from the highest levels of leadership and doctorate-level training in the country. With 20+ years of leadership experience for each member, we will help you solve the problems you face because we’ve faced them too. 

Positive Approach

We approach our work with an upbeat and positive attitude, and we present you with insights that put research in a new light. We are passionate about our work in providing helpful insights and helping you be successful, and we bring that passion to our research.

Reach out to Arbor Research Group

Drop us a line anytime, provide as many details as you can, and our director, Dr. Terry Linhart, will be in touch with you within 24 hours. That’s the level of personal attention we give to each custom-designed project.