We recently heard a prominent leader joke that we need more consultant groups like we need more coffee roasters in America. It does seem like a new consultant group pops up each month, so I get his point. There is a lot of executive coaching going on these days.  Event so, here we are with a new website, which may leave people asking, “Who IS the Arbor Research Group?”

This group has been around in one form or another since 1997, often working behind the scenes on large and strategic projects for international organizations, nonprofits, mission agencies, churches and denominational headquarters. You’ve seen our work, you just may not have known it was us. In 2011, our work required us to have a more formal arrangement. As more Christian organizations and churches heard about our work, we had to expand our team and named this collective of experts and consultants The Arbor Research Group.

The Arbor Research Group has been providing churches and international ministry organizations with data-driven solutions for almost two decades, delivering results that have helped leaders, church boards, denominational presidents, and executive leadership teams answer questions related to vision, strategy, structure, leading change, conflict resolution, and more. Our expertise in qualitative approaches have helped leaders find answers to persistent and difficult questions.

The Arbor Research Group is unique for our ability to design custom high-quality research, assessment, and evaluation. All of our consultants are trained researchers AND successful ministry leaders with proven skills, leadership, and expertise. There’s no starting “template” of what’s worked elsewhere, no “one size fits all” approach, to an Arbor project. We listen to you, explore your context, and deliver the highest quality of work.

If you have something in mind, but aren’t sure how it might work, Email us and Terry will personally schedule a phone conversation with you to hear more and discuss what might be possible based on your goals and budget. It doesn’t matter the size of your church or organization, we are very interested in hearing from you.

~ Terry Linhart, Ph.D.