by Terry Linhart

There are three elements that distinguish Arbor Research Group from similar agencies and each gives our clients peace of mind regarding the investment they make in an Arbor Research Group project. First, the Arbor team are leaders themselves, so they know firsthand what it’s like to be leading at the highest level within organizations and businesses. Our clients work with leaders who share their level of leadership experience. That executive expertise forged over decades “in the trenches” means that the insights they get aren’t just academic, something learned in a college business class, but they are holistic, realistic, and rooted in the every-day realities of organizational management … with an awareness of the bottom-line. Always.

Second, the Arbor team is comprised of research experts who have distinguished themselves in the field. When I pulled this team together, I wanted to have people who were sought out by others for their expertise, experts that I knew were some of the best at their work. If you do a little digging around, you’ll spot Arbor members consulting on various projects and appearing in various published research projects because they ARE recognized among the best at what they do. That’s why I often call the Arbor Research Team “all-stars,” because that is what they are. What they do and how they do their work (easily working with people) is at the highest level. And that means our clients receive data and insights they can use.

But, what our clients like better than that is that the Arbor team is super easy to work with and that Arbor projects are custom-designed and collaborative at every step.  We often get asked what all is involved with an Arbor project and how it works. So, we’ve put together an infographic that will show the steps involved.

Investing in an Arbor Research Group project is a time-saving and cost-cutting process that allows you to hire a team of experts to provide you with the data and insights that will help you and your organization be more successful at what they do.

You can Email me about your project and questions, or just cut to the front of the line and set up a phone call for us to talk through your ideas. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have!