Our Team

The Arbor Research Group is comprised of the most experienced team of researchers and consultants, an “all star” lineup of Christian leaders who are passionate about empowering mission-driven nonprofits, growing churches, and life-changing businesses with informed steps to move forward in their work. With Ph.D.’s from major “R1” universities and decades of full-time Christian leadership experience, the Arbor team is unique in their expertise and ability to collaboratively work in various contexts. 

Terry Linhart

Dave Rahn, Ph.D.

Executive Research Consultant

Tyler Greenway, Ph.D.

Quantitative Consultant / Senior Researcher

Jason Wenschlag

Workplace Consultant / Researcher

Grace Linhart

Research Assistant

Karli Saner


Jen Bradbury

Senior Associate Director

Ebonie Davis

Senior Resercher

Yulee Lee, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Donna Armentrout


Kathy Belcher


Jon Swanson, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Brent Sickel

Survey Designer / Senior Researcher

Joan McClendon

Executive Coach & Consultant

Chelsea Anglin

Marketing Consultant / Writer

Samantha Shank

Graphic Designer

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