What Kind of Work Does Arbor Research Do?

Arbor Research Group’s customized and cost-conscious approach helps clients find the answers they need for the context they are in with the budgetary limits they have.

Surveys & Interviews

  • Audience Research
  • Online surveys
  • In-depth interviews
  • Large group interviews
  • On-Site focus groups
  • Standardized inquiries
  • Call center

Studies & Analysis

  • Conference evaluations
  • City and regional studies
  • Ethnographies
  • Demographic studies
  • In-person clip-boarding
  • Cultural analysis
  • Organizational health analysis

Workplace Solutions

  • HR consulting
  • Executive team consultation
  • Seminars, workshops, & retreats
  • Leadership team development
  • Conflict resolution

In-Depth Research

  • Triangulated methods & researchers
  • Attitude and opinion measurement
  • Grounded theories
  • Big data
  • Quantitative and qualitative approaches


We help you get the most ROI from your investment in your meeting, trade show, or convention. With millions of dollars pouring into marketing, registration, and program elements, it is critical to know the outcomes for those investments. Yet, the truth is that most managers can’t articulate what impact organizing or attending a meeting or convention has on who is attending and on the “bottom line” of their business. 

The Arbor Research Group can provide a diverse portfolio of evaluation methods for any size of meeting or convention. From traditional surveys to post-conference phone calls to on-site clip-boarding to innovative real-time apps, Arbor puts meeting organizers in the unique position of knowing exactly how their event went – and how the next event will do! 

Here’s a short video from our founder, Dr. Terry Linhart, about how we can help you gain the quality data and rich insights you need about the gatherings you are organizing. 

What Others Say About Arbor Research Group

Having served with Terry Linhart on a major denominational restructuring commission, I saw firsthand his deep love for the local church coupled with his keen insights on how the local church functions best. If you need someone to help you cut through the fog and find solid answers for perplexing questions, Terry and Arbor Research Group would be my “go to” recommendation. They will help you achieve real clarity on your ministry decisions by providing best in class data-driven solutions.

Bill Walter

President, Church Growth Services

Our team has repeatedly sought Terry Linhart’s input on tough research questions. His advice, affirmation, and gentle correctives have been so right-on that we keep going back for more of his help. I’m guessing you will too!

Kara Powell, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Fuller Youth Institute

We faced the significant challenge (problem?) of assessment in areas of Scripture engagement, spiritual formation, and character development. How do you measure that stuff? Terry helped us to develop both qualitative and quantitative studies which have helped us to discern strengths and weaknesses and also chart strategic ways forward in discipleship. Throughout the experience, Terry has been a true friend and partner in ministry.

Jason Jensen

National Field Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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If you’re interested in learning more about any of our services, reach out to us and we’ll set up a time for you and our director, Terry Linhart, to discuss your ideas further.