The Risk of DIY Research

A trusted advisor can ask all the research questions rather than getting stuck on one or two. And then, an advisor can listen to all of the struggles and sift through the data to find the underlying patterns.

What I Miss After Finishing a Project

After finishing a project with a delightful client, I was sitting the airport waiting for the flight home. Eyes closed, I thought about driving past the client’s location and how I would miss that drive.

Despite the Crowd, Your Coffee may be Bad

This past thanksgiving, my mother-in-law noted that we were making quite a few pots of coffee at her house. “Coffee must be good!” she remarked. I started to analyze the situation (sorry, I can’t seem to help having a research-oriented mind) and I wondered if her conclusion was the right one or if something else contributed to constant pots being made in the kitchen corner.

3 Steps a Mechanic Uses to Fix Problems

I currently have the best mechanic I have ever had. My family and I often say that he works “magic” on our cars. He doesn’t have a magic wand or a pointy hat, but I’ve seen him fix problems that confuse other mechanics or do a repair for half of what another garage suggests. He’s one of those people (and maybe you know someone like him) who can jump in a car, drive it, and know what the problem is.