Now Pay Attention

by Terry Linhart I recently attended a conference and watched a colleague approach our group. We made the usual small talk that happens when you see people but a few times a year. It was fun! I introduced my colleague to the others with me. A couple were college...

The Surprising Benefits of Definition

By Terry Linhart When businesses work to be innovative, a primary marker that it’s truly innovative is if it solves a solution for their customers. In fact, experts on innovation say that it’s not innovation unless it is validated by customers. The same is...

9 Ways “Assessment” Helps

We can do assessment easily because we have senior leadership experience and people experienced in helping organizations succeed. We’ve got decades of helping other people implement plans, as mentors and as managers … and we love helping organizations live their stories more effectively.

The Risk of DIY Research

A trusted advisor can ask all the research questions rather than getting stuck on one or two. And then, an advisor can listen to all of the struggles and sift through the data to find the underlying patterns.