Billions of dollars are spent each year on organizing and holding conferences. More money is spent by participants to attend the conferences in anticipation of being inspired, presenting, or making important connections.

Much of that money is spent on advertising, registration processes, and little extras to surprise and delight attendees. Vendors line up the exhibit halls in hopes to turn attendees into clients.

So how does everyone know how it went? What are people feeling about their experiences and their future chances of attending? Which parts of the conference experience provide the greatest impact? The least? It’s difficult to learn this from basic surveys that most evaluations are.

The truth is that, given all of the money poured into a conference upfront, most spend little time on the evaluation process. So organizers end up guessing about what works when they could truly know what works and doesn’t.

The other truth is that we don’t miss the surveys and fewer of us are taking them. In today’s social media world, we are tired of surveys. With every hotel stay, cruise, or log-in we are sent a “how did we do?” series of the basic “strongly agree/strongly disagree” questions.

So we don’t even try to evaluate. And most organizers are okay with that because no one likes to hear the bad news.

The Problem

Conference organizers don’t really know how their efforts are doing. They have anecdotal data at best. Arbor Surveys possess the latest most interactive survey questions (online or on-site) that get organizers the best data. We coach organizers how to get the most responses with the best data – and all with the appropriate branding and approvals at every step.

  • The traditional approaches don’t work.
  • Most attendees don’t respond.
  • Organizers don’t know how to interpret the results they DO get.

The Solution

Arbor Surveys solves the headache that evaluations have become for many conference organizers. You will love the customization we provide to make sure it looks exactly how you want it to at every step.

Our team of experts supports your team of experts by:

  • Designing and delivering an effective evaluation.
  • Analyzing the data to stay ahead of the trends and hidden patterns.
  • Relieve conference organizers of a common headache.

And we provide this for a fraction of the cost spent on just the registration process.

If you run a conference or program and would love to have Arbor Surveys handle your evaluations, drop us a line. Let’s talk! It will be both a relief and a benefit to you and your team.

Photo by José Martín Ramírez C on Unsplash