About Us


Arbor Research Group helps you “win the day” by teaming you with a research leaders/experts that have 20+ years of trusted leadership experience and research expertise. You will realize the success you desire via quality day, rich insights, and a vibrant and collaborative partnership. 


Who is Arbor Research Group?

  Arbor Research Group is a hand-picked all-star team of experienced researchers led by Terry Linhart, PhD. Our mission is to provide organizations and mission-driven businesses with the data, insights, and confidence to make their best strategic decisions and achieve the success they desire. You can see who makes up our team here.

Who do we work with?

We work with a wide range of organizations from local financial institutions to private schools to multi-national nonprofit organizations to fast-growing corporations. Our team of researchers and experts are from all over North American and have decades of experience in statistical analysis, qualitative research, human resources, marketing, customer insights, executive-level coaching, and markte analyss. We work to team you with the experts that will serve you best with the focus and care that often result in long-term partnerships. We care about you, your group, and your brand as much as you do. 

Our Methods

Arbor Research Group is known for getting the timely and cost-effective answers that leaders need to be successful. Our team performs scalable research and assessment projects for startups, small and medium-sized businesses and schools, and large multi-national organizations and corporationgs. Our past clients have found that outsourcing their work to Arbor Research Group has given them the insights they needed while helping them address costs, save time, and reduce anxiety. 

What you can expect from Arbor Research Group

Support for Your Team

Arbor Research Group is known for our collaborative approach that keeps you in charge at every step without demanding your time. The quality of data and the positive way we do our work often results in ongoing partnerships over many years. 

Street Level Focus

You can’t make a decision simply based on data. Our team gets down to the deeper insights that we find at “street level” to reveal attitudes, behaviors, and other information you can’t get by simply looking at numbers.

Problems Solved

Our people don’t work in cubicles, but come from the highest levels of leadership and doctorate-level training in the country. With 20+ years of leadership experience for each member, we will help you solve the problems you face because we’ve faced them too. 

Positive Approach

We approach our work with an upbeat and positive attitude, and we present you with insights that put research in a new light. We are passionate about our work in providing helpful insights and helping you be successful, and we bring that passion to our research.

Reach out to Arbor Research Group

Drop us a line anytime, provide as many details as you can, and our director, Dr. Terry Linhart, will be in touch with you within 24 hours. That’s the level of personal attention we give to each custom-designed project.