By Jon Swanson and Terry Linhart

The other day we spent some time reflecting on the work we do. Not everyone understands “assessment” well. When you say the word, it feels like someone is going to get what’s coming to them because they’re under-performing. But, often assessment is helpful because it can arrive in various shapes and provide positive outcomes. As we thought about what we do, we quickly listed 9 ways we help organizations via “assessing”:

  1. We talk with people in consistent, structured ways, without being sidetracked by trying to solve the problem or defend the past.
  2. We can build and administer surveys with more structure and validity than many organizations can build internally.
  3. We listen deeper to determine validity with an organization’s ethos, history, and story that is rooted in more than a few SurveyMonkey polls or demographic percentages.
  4. We look at the stories you are telling others and yourselves in your literature and can help you discern what you are actually saying rather than what you hope you are saying or are trying to say.
  5. Because of our breadth and depth of experience, and our interested third-party perspective, we can help you see things you may only sense, and articulate things you may only feel.
  6. Our range of Christian faith traditions, research backgrounds, and non-profit roles gives us a deep internal resource for thinking and understanding.
  7. We can help you answer the small questions that have been keeping you from moving for a long time. We can help identify several possible futures and help find a preferred future.
  8. Sometimes you need an outside facilitator so everyone in the organization can have a safe seat at the table.
  9. We can help lay out long-term frameworks without worrying about what it will mean for our position.

We can do this easily because we have senior leadership experience and people experienced in helping organizations succeed. We’ve got decades of helping other people implement plans, as mentors and as managers … and we love helping organizations live their stories more effectively.