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Customized Research by Experts for Mission-Driven Organizations

What you get from Arbor Research Group

Customized Work

No two challenges are the same so we don’t use cookie-cutter strategies or online templates. We work with you to determine your needs and then work exclusively within your context and budget. You’ll get the insights and transformative results you need to be successful.

Recognized Experts

As leaders ourselvses, we know what it feels like to lead in the middle of organizational challenges and face persistent obstacles. We not only provide you with the data and insights you need, but we help you implement them for greater effectiveness.

Answers to Questions

With the rate of change and the pressure to control costs, it’s a challenge to effectively know the answer to the question “how are we doing?” Arbor empowers leaders with clear answers and a clear plan to take confident and informed steps forward.

Informed Steps

Too often research reports sit on a shelf near the back door. We provide real everyday solutions that will make your team and customers/audience will love you more as you lead forward with clarity and confidence.

Do you have a small or very large organization that requires special work and pricing? Talk to Terry. 

What our Clients Say

If you need someone to help you cut through the fog and find solid answers for perplexing questions, Terry and Arbor Research Group would be my “go to” recommendation. They will help you achieve real clarity on your decisions by providing best in class data-driven solutions.

Bill Walter

President, Church Growth Services

As a school with a rich legacy, we desired to partner with the right consulting firm to assist us in learning our strengths as well as our opportunities for growth. The custom quantitative and qualitative instruments created and administered by Arbor provided rich data, leading to measurable and actionable recommendations.

Donna Harris, Ed.D.

President, Minnehaha Academy

We faced the significant challenge of assessment in areas of spiritual formation and character development. How do you measure that stuff? Terry helped us to develop both qualitative and quantitative studies which have helped us to discern strengths and weaknesses and chart strategic ways forward.

Jason Jensen

National Field Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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