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Why work with Arbor Research Group?

  • We provide you with answers to persistent questions.
  • You can depend on our 15-year track record of custom projects across the country.
  • You’ll have actionable insights you can leverage to strategize for the future.
  • Your context and concerns will receive unusual attention and care. 

Watch the video featuring the founder of Arbor Research Group, Terry Linhart, PhD., to learn more about how we can help you.

What you get from Arbor Research Group


Anyone in leadership regularly asks the question, “How are we doing?” Aside from attendance or financial numbers, it’s a challenge to effectively answer that question. Our research processes reveal opinions, perspectives, and implications, providing you with a clear picture of your ministry’s effectiveness.

Custom Research

No two challenges are the same, which is why we don’t use cookie cutter research strategies for our clients. We work with you to determine exactly what you need, and we design a plan exclusively for you. You’ll get the insights and information you need to help you move forward in your unique situation.

Nationally-Recognized Expertise

Our research spans from coast to coast while we get down to “street level.” Our proven and unique qualitative methods have given prominent denominations and multi-national organizations actionable insights and findings they can leverage to strategize for the future across the country and world.

Inspiring Outcomes

When you’re presented with the final outcomes from our study, you’ll find more than just graphs and numbers. Our in-depth research will reveal opinions, attitudes, behaviors, and insights (and even a few surprises) that allow you to use the information for making important decisions.

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What people are saying about Arbor Research Group

Having served with Terry Linhart on a major denominational restructuring commission, I saw firsthand his deep love for the local church coupled with his keen insights on how the local church functions best. If you need someone to help you cut through the fog and find solid answers for perplexing questions, Terry and Arbor Research Group would be my “go to” recommendation. They will help you achieve real clarity on your ministry decisions by providing best in class data-driven solutions. Bill Walter

President, Church Growth Services

As a school with a rich legacy, we desired to partner with the right consulting firm to assist us in learning our strengths as well as our opportunities for growth. The custom quantitative and qualitative instruments created and administered by Arbor provided rich data, leading to measurable and actionable recommendations. If you are a school leader with a pressing research question, I highly recommend Arbor Research Group.

Donna Harris, Ed.D.

President, Minnehaha Academy

We faced the significant challenge (problem?) of assessment in areas of Scripture engagement, spiritual formation, and character development. How do you measure that stuff? Terry helped us to develop both qualitative and quantitative studies which have helped us to discern strengths and weaknesses and also chart strategic ways forward in discipleship. Throughout the experience, Terry has been a true friend and partner in ministry. Jason Jensen

National Field Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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